Bret Jensen is the lead analyst for small-cap and large-cap stocks at Investors Alley. He was recently ranked in the top 1% of contributors with Seeking Alpha and is also regular contributor to TheStreet.com's Real Money and TalkMarkets, in addition to his primary duties with Investors Alley. Formerly, Mr. Jensen was a technology director for American Express for over two decades before becoming chief investment strategist and co-founder of Simplified Asset Management, a specialty long/short hedge fund, which was ranked in the top 5% for total return during its first year. He is now the editor of Biotech Gems and Growth Stock Advisor.

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Adamas Targets Parkinson's and MS
Bret Jensen Image Bret Jensen

Adamas Pharmaceuticals (ADMS) is a drug improvement company that develops chrono-synchronous therapies for patients aff…

Tickers: ADMS
Top Picks 2017: Celgene
Bret Jensen Image Bret Jensen

My Top Pick among large cap stocks is a firm that should be known to just about every biotech investor; I can think of…

Tickers: CELG
Top Picks 2017: Aratana Therapeutics
Bret Jensen Image Bret Jensen

With a market capitalization of approximately $300 million, our Top Pick among small caps is an under the radar biotec…

Tickers: PETX
Two Techs with Cash Abroad
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There is an estimated $2.5 trillion in stranded corporation cash overseas is brought back home; this could change base…

Tickers: QCOM | MSFT
Baker Brothers & Biotech Bets
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In the world of biotechnology and healthcare, the billionaire duo of Julian and Felix Baker – the Baker Brothers…

Tickers: NERV | GLYC | ALDR
Homebuilding Buy: Insiders Bet on Beazer
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With home ownership at the lowest levels since 1965 in this country, we have nowhere to go but up as long as economic …

Tickers: BZH
Lennar: Building Returns in a Hot Sector
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To gain exposure to the hot housing sector, we are looking at one well-run and well-positioned home builder, states Br…

Tickers: LEN
Greenbrier: Riding the Rails
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Investors do not usually find too many solid yield plays in the manufacturing sector, but this recommend railcar maker…

Tickers: GBX