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Mark Leibovit

Editor and Publisher,

  • Timer Digest # Market Timer 2019
  • Former Wall Street with Louis Rukeyser 'Elf'
  • Creator of Trademarked 'Volume Reversal' Indicator

About Mark

For over forty years, Mark Leibovit has been known as one of the leading technical and cyclical analysts in the world, the creator of his trademarked Volume ReversalTM indicator, and Annual Forecast Model all found at Most recently, he was ranked the #1 US Market Timer in 2019. Mr. Leibovit's extensive media television profile includes seven years as a consultant Elf on Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street Week television program, and over thirty years as a market monitor guest for the PBS show, The Nightly Business Report with Paul Kangas, along with quoted in every major financial publication.

Mark's Articles

Forget the marijuana stocks, as their partners are more of a sure thing, asserts Mark Leibovit, growth stock expert and editor of The VR Cannabis Letter.

Mark's Videos

Between war cycles, higher interest rates, inflation, supply and economic turbulence, geo-cosmic/geopolitical factors, and social turbulence, where do metal and mining markets fit in? Mark Leibovit will dive into his technical and cyclical work and will try to fine-tune his crystal ball.

Mark Leibovit (, a nationally recognized technical market timer and forecaster brings his 43 years of experience to the MoneyShow focusing on his representative list of exchange-traded funds and using his proprietary Volume Reversal (tm) to pinpoint both trading and near-term opportunities in them. He will be looking at precious metals, uranium, lithium, natural gas, crude oil, solar, marijuana, natural gas, and, of course, the major stock market index ETFs.

Nationally recognized market timer and newsletter publisher, Mark Leibovit, will discuss his views of the major equity markets for 2022. He will cover both individual stocks and sectors and, of course, will focus on the major futures markets including lithium, uranium, precious metals, oil, and natural gas.

Mark's Books

Mark Leibovit

The Trader's Book of Volume: The Definitive Guide to Volume Trading

Mark Leibovit, a leading market strategist and technical analyst with more than 35 years of trading experience, possesses a solid track record of predicting important movements in the financial market—including Black Monday of 1987, the bear markets of 2000 and 2008, and the “flash crash” of May 2010
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