Ralph Salvagno

CEO & Chairman of the Board,

Petlife Pharmaceuticals

About Ralph

Dr. Ralph Salvagno is chairman of the Board and CEO of Petlife Pharmaceuticals and a practicing orthopaedic surgeon. He brings his scientific background, business acumen, and love of pets to the challenge of cancer treatment in our companion animals.

Ralph's Videos

PetLife Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB: PTLF) is a registered US Veterinary Pharmaceutical company. This biotech company is offering a Private Placement to accredited investors. A 10% annual dividend is included. The monies will be used to obtain FDA registration of a new, organic-cancer drug for pets with limited to no harmful side effects. The drug has already been approved for human oncology in several countries. With this proven success Petlife is very confident with their registration process for pets. The value is estimated to be in the billions with the FDA approval. Learn about the Private Placement and becoming a shareholder in our public stock.

Current medication and treatments for veterinary cancer are limited and largely ineffective. The veterinary health market for companion animals has grown steadily by 4% - 6% annually. Introduction of a natural scorpion based product for cancer treatment is a disruptive technology with strong investment return.