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Jim D. Oberweis is founder of Oberweis Asset Management, Inc.; Oberweis Securities, Inc., an online trading and full-service brokerage; and The Oberweis Report, an investment advisory newsletter. He has served as a director of both public and private corporations and was a candidate for the US Senate. Mr. Oberweis has appeared on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, and many other television stations. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Investor's Business Daily, and many other financial periodicals. Mr. Oberweis received an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Woe to Greece? Woe to Us

Jim Oberweis, editor of The Oberweis Report, and analyst Ken Farsalas say the Greek credit crisis should remind Americans that overspending can catch up with you. Greece is known as the c…

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A Small Beneficiary of Obama’s Big Plans

James Oberweis, editor of The Oberweis Report, discusses President Obama's budget proposals and mentions a small pollution-control company that might profit from them. Preside…

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As Cheap As They Get

James Oberweis, Sr., founder of The Oberweis Report, says small growth stocks are as cheap as he’s ever seen them, and he recommends two. After spending the last 40 years closely watching …

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What Wall Street and Main Street Have in Common

James Oberweis, editor of the Oberweis Report, says when Wall Street and Main Street suffer, it's time to buy-and he recommend two small growth stocks. It has been a long ti…

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The “R” Word Rears Its Ugly Head

James Oberweis, editor of The Oberweis Report, worries that high oil prices and lower home prices will hit the consumer hard and could bring on a recession next year. We are not pessimist…

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Two Ways to Play the New Growth Vogue

James Oberweis, editor of the Oberweis Report, says growth investing is back in favor, and he thinks two smaller aggressive-growth companies will profit from th…