Ron Rowland, the editor of All Star Fund Trader, is widely regarded as an authority and leading practitioner of mutual fund investing. He has been quoted and profiled in nearly every major financial publication. Mr. Rowland's more than three decades of investment experience began in 1970 with the purchase of stocks using money earned from delivering newspapers. In 1986, he put his technical experience to work developing advanced computerized investment techniques for the mutual fund industry. In 1991, Mr. Rowland became a registered investment advisor and launched The Sector Ace, an investment newsletter specializing in sector mutual fund trading. The newsletter expanded its coverage to include ETFs and the name was changed to All Star Fund Trader. He is also the editor of 21st Century Superpower Trader with Weiss Research and contributes a weekly column for their Money and Markets publication.

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An ETF for the ETF Industry?
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

It was only a matter of time before someone created an ETF to track the ETF industry. With the introduction of the ETF…

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ETF Sector Analysis
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Defensive sectors are on the rise and already control the top of the rankings, explains ETF sector analyst Ron Rowland,…

A Guide to Event-Driven ETFs
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Event-driven investing strategies attempt to profit from market inefficiencies that often occur in conjunction with va…

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A New Role for REITs?
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Important changes are coming to way that real estate investment trusts are categorized within the financial sector; th…

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Retail Showdown
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Retailing is big business. Although the retailing industry is not one of the ten major economic sectors of the G…

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Income Mix from Multi-Assets
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Just rolled out, this new UBS exchange traded note (ETN) is targeted at investors desiring significant month…

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One for the Doubting Thomases
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Last week's tepid economic report gave the doubters of the recovery some ammunition for their stances, write…

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Where Were You 1,305 Weeks Ago?
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Friday was the anniversary of Black Monday, and while we've seen darker days since then, it's interesting to look back …

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