Annell Danczyk, CFA photo


Annell Danczyk, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager,

Stack Financial Management

  • Senior portfolio manage with Stack Financial Management
  • 15 years industry experience
  • Focus on portfolio composition and sector analysis

About Annell

Annell Danczyk is a senior portfolio manager with Stack Financial Management (SFM) in Whitefish, Montana. With over $1B in assets under management, SFM is recognized for its "safety-first" style of risk management which places an emphasis on long-term market returns while reducing downside volatility. Annell has over 15 years of experience with SFM, complemented by her engineering background. She focuses on portfolio composition, sector analysis, and leading the operations of the SFM team.

Annell's Videos

In this lively workshop, the SFM Portfolio Team will update the red flags signaling bear market and recession risks. More importantly, this seasoned team will reveal the time-tested tools and tactics that can confirm whether a bear market is in place, and how to identify that once-in-a-decade buying opportunity at the bottom.

Join in this gathering of the Portfolio Team of Stack Financial Management as they reveal their secrets for constructing an all-weather portfolio that is built to grow assets and preserve wealth through extreme market volatility. Learn the best sectors and industries to invest in now, and specific stock ideas that are a "must own" for any investor seeking safety-first profits.

Research shows that women investors are more likely than men to focus on risk-adjusted returns-that is, to seek out investments that offer growth potential while also limiting the danger of sharp losses. That's an especially smart approach today, given the high risks associated with the current aging bull market. This panel will discuss specific strategies and investments that will allow you to dampen your market risk without giving up solid gains.

Ranked as one of the Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors in the country by Barron's in 9 of the past 10 years, Stack Financial Management has earned a national reputation for its safety-first approach to investing. Join SFM's Portfolio Management Team as they reveal the most valuable warning flags to watch for a probable bear market ahead, and share time-proven tactics to bullet-proof your portfolio in today's high-risk market.