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Douglas Moffitt


Successful Personal Investing


Douglas Moffitt is, like The IRS Report's other contributors, a successful investor in his own right. For nearly two decades, he has also been editor-in-chief of the Successful Personal Investing course run by the publishers of The IRS Report. Parallel to his successful career as financial editor at London's premier talk radio station LBC, followed by a term as Sky News's financial commentator, Mr. Moffitt built up a private business, which he sold in 2006. This has provided substantial capital, which he aims to invest along lines that he successfully applied to his mother's investments in her retirement. Essentially, Mr. Moffitt's approach is to secure a rising stream of dividends and not to rely on capital gains to provide his retirement income. This will often involve buying shares in well-run businesses in unfashionable sectors and, the main proof that they are well run for him is a record of steady growth in dividend payments over a period of many years. Mr. Moffitt's approach is eminently suited to those aiming to hold shares to provide retirement income--including those using drawdown schemes in self-invested personal pension schemes.