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About Felix

Felix Frey is the founder of OptionsGeek, an options educational platform that offers an improved options chain, quality trading ideas, and new options education. He worked at Swiss Bank O'Connor, Bank of America, and spent almost a decade at Scoggin Capital Management. Mr. Frey is a Wharton graduate with a 20-plus-year Wall Street career in derivatives.

Felix's Videos

Options expert Felix Frey reveals why a simple options question continues to stump millions of investors, including the experts. He'll challenge you to open your mind and accept the unexpected—that the options industry has sent you on a wild goose chase looking for answers you won't find. If you are even thinking about buying options, then this is a can't- miss presentation. At the very least, it sends you on the right path to profitability that avoids confusion, frustration, and wasted time.
Felix Frey discusses his unique approach to options education. Education, trading ideas and selecting the correct options.
Felix Frey discusses teaching traders how to find simple mathematical edges with options.
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