Sebastien Page

Head of Global Multi-Asset,

T. Rowe Price

About Sebastien

Sebastien Page is head of global multi-asset and chief investment officer for T. Rowe Price. He oversees a team of investment professionals dedicated to actively managing a broad set of multi-asset portfolios representing more than $456 billion in assets, including the firm's target date franchise. Mr. Page is a member of the Asset Allocation Committee, which is responsible for tactical investment decisions across asset allocation portfolios, and a member of the Management Committee of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. He is also the author of the book Beyond Diversification: What Every Investor Needs to Know About Asset Allocation.

Sebastien's Videos

T. Rowe Price's Asset Allocation Committee remains cautious on risk assets, but has sentiment gotten too negative? Sebastien rarely saw such a glum mood on Wall Street. He will explain where they are already seeing pockets of opportunity.