Keith Fitz-Gerald has been the chief investment strategist of The Money Map Report since 2008; editor of High Velocity Profits and Total Wealth, and bestselling author of Fiscal Hangover: How to Profit from the New Global Economy, which has garnered rave reviews.He started his first business at the age of 15 and used the proceeds to make his first investments. Mr. Fitz-Gerald then started working for one of the world's leading powerhouses before becoming a professional trader and licensed CTA, advising institutions and qualified individuals, specializing in non-directional trading. Mr. Fitz-Gerald is a regular guest on Fox Business, CNBC Asia, and BNN. He holds a BS in management and finance from Skidmore College and in international finance (with a focus on Japanese business science) from Chaminade University. Mr. Fitz-Gerald splits his time between the United States and Japan and regularly travels the world in search of investment opportunities.

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Arlington Asset: High Yield and Stability
Keith Fitz-Gerald Image Keith Fitz-Gerald

Arlington Asset Investment Corp. (AI) is one of my favorite double-digit dividend payers that have the business models …

Tickers: AI
The Right REITs for Rising Rates
Keith Fitz-Gerald Image Keith Fitz-Gerald

Conventional wisdom suggests rising rates are bad for real estate investment trusts. In fact, that’s not always …

Tickers: ARE | OHI
Money Morning: Bullish Bets on China
Keith Fitz-Gerald Image Keith Fitz-Gerald

China's economy is 25 times larger today than it was in 1990. Cooked or not, you're talking about a growth rate backed…

Tickers: BABA | BIDU | HAO | SBUX
Raytheon: Top of the List in Cybersecurity
Keith Fitz-Gerald Image Keith Fitz-Gerald

From NASA to the Social Security Administration, the Secret Service to Treasury Department, government agencies use te…

Tickers: RTN
Ekso: Bet on Bionics
Keith Fitz-Gerald Image Keith Fitz-Gerald

Growth stock expert Keith Fitz-Gerald, editor of Total Wealth, sees a favorite off-the-radar opportunity in the specia…

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American Water Works: "Rock Solid"
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Unlike investors who fear the repercussions of rising rates, CEOs are taking steps to increase value when they eventua…

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Gray Television: Political Bonanza
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This year’s election will be the most expensive election in history, as the political parties attempt to sway vo…

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Forget Icahn; Stick with Apple
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Contrary to what many want you to believe, corporate activists are not in it because they believe in the goodness of t…

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