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Kerry Given, PhD, is the founder of Parkwood Capital, LLC, a business that consists of stock and options coaching, a weekly newsletter, and two trading advisory services. He is a co-founder of G&L Capital Management, LLC, and manages two of its funds. Dr. Given speaks frequently at trading conferences and on behalf of several option brokerage firms. He is the author of No Hype Options Trading, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Dr. Given received a Bachelor's degree at University of Florida and a PhD from the University of Minnesota.  

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Traders, Is a Correction Looming?

I remain cautiously bullish. This is no time for complacency. Watch your positions carefully. Keep your stops tight, asserts Kerry Given, PhD, founder of Parkwood Capital and a co-founder of G&…

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A Tale of Two Markets

I will continue to play this bullish market, but I am keeping my stops reasonably tight. When in doubt, I close, asserts Kerry Given, PhD, founder of Parkwood Capital and a co-founder of…

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What to Do Now?

In sideways trending markets, Kerry Given, PhD suggests you choose stocks with a sideways price pattern and reasonably high levels of implied volatility to yield good premiums: BA, CELG, and ISRG. …

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Trader's Toolbox: The Powerful Diagonal Spread

The bull call diagonal spread may be configured in many different ways in different market situations, asserts Kerry W. Given, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Duke). He is the founder and managing director of Parkw…

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How a Pro Prepares for the Trading Day

Option expert and fund manger Kerry Given discusses how he prepares for the trading day and what markets he reviews prior to the start of US trading. SPEAKER:  I'm here with Kerry Given talking …

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Non-Directional Option Trades

Though many traders focus on buying calls or puts expecting a large move in one direction or another, Kerry Given discusses several non-directional option strategies. SPEAKER:  I'm here with Ker…

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Option Trading Myths

Kerry Given discusses some of the more popular option myths and also explains what strategy he likes the best. SPEAKER:  I'm here with Kerry Given talking about myths and marketing hype related…

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The Missing Piece of Iron Condor Option Trades

Iron condor option trading can be profitable but most traders miss an important piece of the strategy. Learn what that is from Kerry Given. A very popular option strategy these days is …