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Dennis Slothower has been leading a small, but profitable, group of investors to some extraordinary profits in both good markets in bad over the course of a 38+ year investment career, starting a stock broker in 1979. His Stealth Stocks system is designed to identify those companies that make money and whose stock is about to move dramatically upward. Mr. Slothower designed these macro and technical systems himself and perfected them over decades of investing his own money. But perhaps even more importantly, he also is an absolute master at taking into account how world news--the true market-moving events--will impact each and every investment in his trading portfolio. In 2011, his Stealth Stocks Daily Alert was named the top performer by Hulbert Financial Digest for avoiding the Crash of 2008. MarketWatch has said he has a quotably savage cynical view of financial markets. He's also the co-editor of Wall Street Underground, a monthly letter he co-edits with Nick Hodge.

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The Herd Has Invested Cash in Some Overvalued Stocks

If heading into the dot-com era was a stock market bubble, what is this today?  Earnings reports, vehicle sales, and local tax receipts predict a recession, writes Dennis Slothower editor of Wall…

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Harvard's Lesson: Set a Defensive Strategy

Harvard Endowment, which manages $36 billion in assets, is selling $2.5 billion in private equity, venture capital, and real estate investments, observes Dennis Slothower, editor of Wall Street's U…

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Toppy Technicals?

The financial powers do their best to try and support the stock market going into April when income taxes are due, observes Dennis Slothower, editor of Wall Street Underground. After this date, …

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Stealth Stocks: Market Caution

My indicators continue to point to a major topping process developing in the stock market. The handwriting is on the wall, cautions Dennis Slothower, editor of Stealth Stocks. The underlying trend…

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Caution Signs for the Market

We are witnessing a massive meltdown in the commodities market and high-yield bond market and that has always been a precursor to big problems for the stock market, cautions Dennis Slothower, edito…

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Stealth Stocks, Bearish Signs

We expect July to be more challenging for the stock market, with corporate earnings announcements and another FOMC tapering event; in addition, the stock market is overbought on an intermediate-term…

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Bearish View on Buybacks

The revised GDP for Q0114 was -1.0%, yet the S&P 500 index responded by setting a new all-time high; the disconnect between a deteriorating economy and a soaring stock market is causing c…

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Value Investing: What Are the Odds?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will pay $1 billion to the person who correctly predicts the winner of every game during college basketball's March Madness, observes Dennis Slothower; …