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  • Senior Advisor & Contributing Author to High Dividend Opportunities
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  • 35 Years Law Practice Including SEC and Security Law Cases

About Philip

Philip Mause, contributor at High Dividend Opportunities, is a former law practitioner with 40 years' experience. He practiced law in Washington D.C. in energy and communications regulation, as well as SEC litigation, where he gained extensive experience with company valuations. Mr. Mause brings 35 years of investment experience, in addition to his unique insight to identify stocks and securities trading at attractive valuations. He holds a B.A. from Georgetown University and his J.D. from Harvard University.

Philip's Videos

Interest rates are at an unprecedented low level. Even after the 2008 panic and in the Great Depression, we did not see 10-year or 30-year Treasury rates at levels this low. This makes dividend stocks more attractive to investors for several reasons. Join Philip Mause to learn why investors should pile into dividend stocks with solid cash flow and with proven ability to survive the current crisis.