Ari Charney is the chief investment strategist for Utility Forecaster, an analyst for Canadian Edge, and managing editor of Jim Finks Options for Income. He is also an associate editor of Personal Finance.

Prior to joining Investing Daily, Ari took an unlikely path toward dispensing investment advice. Shortly after graduating with a bachelors degree in political science from New York University, Ari sampled some of Wall Streets best-known brokerages and investment banks for several months as a temporary associate. His favorite memory was being paid an absurdly high hourly wage to point and yell at the bond salesmen on the legendary Bear Stearns trading floor when they had incoming phone calls.

Thereafter, Ari spent a substantial portion of his career at financial industry rating services. First, he pored over spreadsheets for the corporate accounting department at Moodys Investors Service. Later, he analyzed investment newsletters for nearly eight years at The Hulbert Financial Digest (HFD).

While working for the HFD, Ari discovered his passion for helping self-directed investors select the right investment newsletter. Since joining Investing Daily, hes extended that passion further by guiding investors toward the right securities for their portfolios.

In addition to writing about investment newsletters for the HFD and MarketWatch, Ari has also written about food, music, comics and culture for publications ranging from Mass Appeal to Punk Planet. In his free time, he and his wife tote their son along on their ethnic dining adventures in pursuit of the fabled Bosnian burger and the Thai restaurant with the secret Laotian menu.

Content from Ari Charney

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