Anthony Drager


Edge Trading Group

  • Founder of the Edge Trading Group
  • 20 Years Expertise
  • Began Career as Clerk at CME

About Anthony

Anthony Drager founded the Edge Trading Group (ETG) in 2014, recreating a proprietary firm environment where traders use order flow and inter-market relationships to achieve their success. ETG has worked alongside of several brokers, software companies, and the CME Group to give traders and investors a better chance at consistent profitability. He began his career in 1991, as a clerk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 1999, he became a Chicago Board of Trade member and floor trader in the Dow Jones Futures pit. In 2000, Mr. Drager was hired at one of Chicago's larger proprietary firms, International Trading Group, where he traded European and US futures.

Anthony's Videos

Trading and investing success have always been about the pain to find better locations to execute. Come join Anthony Drager to understand how to take consumer techniques you have used your entire life and reapply them into your own trading and investing strategies. He will cover what retail traders and investors don't know, what should be part of every investor's strategy, and how to use this technique on charts for any market.