David Chapman

Chief Strategist,

Enriched Investing™

  • Chief Strategist of Enriched Investing
  • Editor of The Technical Scoop
  • 40 Years Industry Expertise

About David

David Chapman is chief strategist of Enriched Investing™, a boutique investment counselling firm that builds and manages investment portfolios for institutional and private clients. Mr. Chapman reports regularly on global economic and related market events to help guide the firm's asset allocation strategies. His weekly newsletter, The Technical Scoop, has had a wide loyal international following for more than 20 years. For more than 40 years Mr. Chapman has held senior analyst positions in the financial services industry including Chief Economist, and has worked in sectors that include foreign exchange, corporate finance and equity financing, global banking and central banking systems, and providing technical analysis of North American equity, bond, derivative and gold markets.

David's Videos

Throughout history there has always been a dominant currency. The US dollar is just the latest in a long line. The dominant currency is usually associated with the most powerful economy and empire at the time. Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, London, New York, and more are the cities that resonate with the empire as the financial capital. Theirs become the world's currency circulating around the globe. But, their day in the sun eventually comes to end and with the end of the domination of their currency their empire also comes to end. Will the US dollar eventually meet the same fate?
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