Keith Richards

President, Chief Portfolio Manager,

ValueTrend Wealth Management

  • Founded ValueTrend Wealth Management
  • Author of Sideways: Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times
  • Frequent Contributor on BNN Bloomberg Television, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and Reuters

About Keith

Keith Richards has been in the securities industry since 1990 and is a highly regarded member of the small, exclusive community of Chartered Market Technicians in Canada. As portfolio manager in his current practice, ValueTrend Wealth Management, he manages over $150 million and runs a discretionary investment service for high-net-worth clients. Mr. Richards' articles appear regularly in Investors Digest, The MONEYLETTER, and The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star newspapers. His appearances on BNN Television have inspired producers to acknowledge him as "one of [our] most accurate technical analysts." Mr. Richards' first book, SmartBounce: 3 Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery, is available in bookstores and directly through his blog page His new book, Sideways: Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times, is also available in bookstores.

Keith's Articles

Keith Richards, of Value Trend/Wealth Management, is a regular contributor of Investor's Digest of Canada; here, he reviews a trio of recent buys for those who want to start bargain hunting.
The bear may be ready to come out of hibernation, says Keith Richards of Investor’s Digest of Canada.
All securities go through four distinct phases. Each phase has distinctive characteristics, and, as such, should be traded differently. These phases are: basing, bull market, topping, and bear market. Interestingly, I have discovered through practical experience that these four phases exist over various timeframes. Thus, day traders can identify these phases on an intraday chart, and longer-term traders can identify the four phases over longer scales on weekly or even monthly charts. I focus on the identification of these phases over longer periods (weeks and months), but the concept of each phase remains the same for all timeframes. Only by recognizing which phase a security or broad market is in can you plan and execute a profitable trading strategy.

Keith's Videos

Join Keith Richards to learn how ValueTrend scans for potential breakout's along with the criteria we look for in a potential stock candidate. A rebounding company or sector can be a magnificent thing to take advantage of, but signs of continued weakness can punish the security further. For this reason, you need an approach that marries company fundamentals with technical analysis. Only technical analysis can offer clues to the actions of the crowd and uncover key signs of the smart money buying into the real opportunities. Mr. Richards will teach you to use technical analysis to determine if a stock is truly breaking out with upside potential. He will show you how to identify the upside price targets along with the downside stop-loss discipline necessary to ensure you reduce your risk while maximize your returns on breakout stocks. You'll enjoy his often-humorous approach as he discusses navigating the murky waters of the stock market.
Was April the beginning of a true recovery in stocks? Keith Richards has reviewed past bear markets, concluding that markets almost never make a V-recovery. They fall, they rally, then fall again. When all hope is lost, that is when the true bottom occurs. Therein lies the enormous opportunity! But how will we know when we're at that point? Join us to review history for clues to when the safest point to buy in the current bear market.

You can profit from fear and greed. Contrarian indicators, also known as sentiment indicators, attempt to identify when investors have become too confident about the direction of the market. Because the crowd is usually wrong at market extremes, we can profit by irrational levels of fear or greed. At this talk, Keith Richards will provide you with tools that can help you identify opportunities created by the emotions of the crowd. Armed with these tools, you will learn to follow Sir John Templeton's advice of Buying when others are despondently selling, and selling when they are greedily buying. Keith Richards has studies contrarian investment tools for over two decades, and has written a CMT research paper on utilizing contrarian indicators in combination with traditional technical analysis tools.

Keith's Books

Keith Richards

Sideways: Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times

In his new book on investing, Keith G. Richards shows you how to think and act like a technical analyst by understanding the basics of market realities — from phases to trends to formations and cycles.