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Matthew Carr is the founder of First Bar with Matthew Carr, where he writes about all things money. He is also currently the trend investing strategist at Money Map Press. For more than 13 years he served as chief trends strategist for The Oxford Club, earning ten awards for portfolio performance and trades of the year—more than any other strategist in the company's history. His strategic approach focuses on high-growth, pre-momentum companies trading at steep discounts.

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Winter has officially pushed its way into our little world on the farm. The mornings are bitter. The temperatures are at or below freezing. The dogs have donned their sweaters (they’re bully mixes, the only thing they hate more than water is cold). Now, we dive into arguably the most important month for the markets of the year – December, writes Matthew Carr, editor of Tipping Point Profits.
Well, here we are again. Cryptocurrencies have been selling off and all the talking heads are pondering aloud, “What could it possibly mean?” But here’s the deal: We know the drill. We’ve been here before. And we’re going to be here again. Use pattern recognition to your advantage, explains Matthew Carr, editor of Tipping Point Profits.
July closed with a fury. Two summer storms rattled our small farm. Meanwhile, the markets enjoyed some fury of their own in the closing days of July. But the damage being done was to shorts. The question now, will it continue? Here is my take, notes Matthew Carr, editor of Tipping Point Profits.
We’re going to dig into one of my favorite months of the year – April. The month is home to April Fool’s Day, Tax Day, Earth Day, and my personal favorite holiday, Greek Easter. But none of those are why I’m bullish this month. The reason I’m bullish has to do with one of the strongest long-term trends in the markets, comments Matthew Carr, editor of The First Bar with Matthew Carr.

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The Federal Reserve has raised rates at the fastest pace in decades. Inflation stubbornly won't fall to 2%. And the talk over the looming recession casts a shadow of uncertainty. Not to mention, there's a US. Presidential Election less than 18 months away! Join Michael Carr to learn the moves investors must make now to position themselves to profit and protect their portfolios for the maelstrom to come.

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