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Dave Landry has been actively trading the markets since the early 90s. He was worked with several hedge funds and thousands of individuals. He an author, an international speaker, and has written for numerous publications. He has been publishing ongoing trading commentary since 1997 at www.davelandry.com . He has a BS in computer science, an MBA, and was a CTA for 14 years.

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Trading Lesson: 10 Ideas to Improve Your Trading

Doing your best going into a trade and accepting the outcome is the secret to trading. The accepting part is the tough part but it doesn’t have to be. Let's explore how, asserts Dave Landry, He&…

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Trading Lesson: Many Paths to Becoming a Successful Trader

Don’t let the fact that there is no well-defined career path to becoming a trader get in your way. Take your time and follow some suggestions and you’ll do just fine, asserts Dav…

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Trader Lesson: Why I Teach Trading

Be prudent and selective, especially as a trend follower when there is no trend to follow, writes Dave Landry, founder and president of DaveLandry.com. See more Trading Lessons every Friday on Mo…

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Trading Lesson: Riding a Trend Is Like Riding a Bronco

You’ll catch more trends with super wide stops but it’s going to hurt more when the trend doesn’t resume. Riding a trend is like riding a bucking bronco, asserts Dave Landry, He&rsqu…

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Trading Lesson: 3 Things You Need to Be a Successful Trader

Your success in life has come by controlling the situation. Yet, in the markets you have no control. You can only control you, asserts Dave Landry, in this last of a three-part series.  He’…

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Trading Lesson: 8 Steps To Be a Successful Trader

Is your trading career doomed from the start or can you really do it? You can! But only if you’re willing to take these eight steps towards your trading success, writes Dave Landry. Look for wee…

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The Highs and Lows of Trading IPOs

Because many IPOs fail right out of the gate, or at least within the week, my first rule for trading them is to not even consider buying them until the close of day five, writes Dave Landry, Founder a…

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Trading Lesson: 7 Habits for Success

When it comes to trading, experience isn’t always the best teacher, asserts Dave Landry.  He’s Founder and President of DaveLandry.com. Look for a weekly trading p…