Mike Larson is senior analyst at Weiss Ratings and former editor of the Safe Money Report newsletter, Weiss Research's first and oldest publication, and the All Weather Trader trading service. He joined Weiss in 2001, during which time he has served as an analyst, editor, trader, and writer. Previously, Mr. Larson worked for Bankrate.com, where he analyzed the mortgage and interest rate markets, and at Bloomberg News. His views can be found in major print and electronic media outlets. He has been quoted by the Washington Post, Reuters, and Dow Jones, and has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg Television, Business News Network, and CNBC.

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In a Dangerous World, Play Defense!
Mike Larson Image Mike Larson

In a world of military tensions, Weiss Ratings senior analyst Mike Larson recommends defense stocks Raytheon (RTN), Loc…

Tickers: RTN | LMT | HII | PPA
Auto Sector Headed into a Ditch
Mike Larson Image Mike Larson

Mike Larson of Weiss Ratings asserts: Stay away from major auto manufacturers like Ford and GM...auto dealers like Gro…

Tickers: GM | F | FCAU | HMC
A Gordian Knot? Beware the Taper
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The party line from Wall Street and the Fed is that the process of tapering will be relatively painless. My take? Fuhged…