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David Fabian is a managing partner at FMD Capital Management, a fee-only registered investment advisor specializing in ETF and CEF portfolios. He actively contributes his investment views on the Investor Insights blog and through special reports. Mr. Fabian has years of experience implementing actively managed growth and income portfolios using ETFs and closed-end funds. He is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and MarketWatch and is also a regular contributor on Abnormal Returns, Seeking Alpha, InvestorPlace, and writes a weekly ETF column for NASDAQ.com.

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Three Off-the-Beaten-Track Bond ETFs

I am drawn to funds that set themselves apart through a dynamic index strategy, low cost structure, or unique value-add, asserts David Fabian, ETF expert and editor of Flexible Growth & Income Rep…

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Fabian's Favorite Floating Rate Fund

Despite how negative the geopolitical and general news feeds have been, the stock market has been surprisingly resilient, says David Fabian, editor of Flexible Growth and Income Report. Get Top Pro…

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ETFs that Eye Rising Dividends

Dividend growth stocks are public companies that have shown a track record of successive year-over-year increases in their dividend payments to shareholders, says David Fabian, editor of The Flexible …

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Opportunistic Bond Bets

Fixed-income is still one of those asset classes where sector positioning, duration targeting, and credit selection can make a huge impact on net returns, asserts David Fabian, money manager and edito…

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Tortoise: A Steady Play on MLPs

The overarching benefit to holding master limited partnership (MLP) assets is the high income steam they pay relative to standard stock investments, asserts David Fabian, money manager and editor of T…

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Yellen's Lullaby for Investors and Traders

Just like that, a few dovish words flow from the Fed Chairwoman ring out like a soothing lullaby, and stocks have rallied back to their most recent highs, notes David Fabian, money manager and edit…

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Three ETFs for Aerospace & Defense

Sometimes you stumble across a sector of the market that is just in the right place at the right time. That may very well be the sentiment driving the remarkable price action in aerospace and defen…

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Tortoise North American: A New Way to Play MLPs

Income investors have always had an affinity for master limited partnerships, or MLPs. These unique vehicles offer exposure to the energy sector through a high yield, equity-like security, notes Da…