Elliott Gue launched the Energy & Income Advisor, a semi-monthly online newsletter that's dedicated to uncovering the most profitable opportunities in the energy sector, from growth stocks to high-yielding utilities, royalty trusts, and master limited partnerships. He is also the founder of Capitalist Times, prior to which, he shared his experience and stock-picking abilities with individual investors in the highly regarded research publications, MLP Profits, The Energy Strategist, and Personal Finance. Mr. Gue's knowledge of the energy sector and prescient investment calls prompted the official program of the 2008 G-8 Summit in Tokyo to call him "the world's leading energy strategist." He has contributed chapters on developments in the global energy markets to two books: The Silk Road to Riches: How You Can Profit by Investing in Asia's Newfound Prosperity and Rise of the State: Profitable Investing and Geopolitics in the 21st Century.

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Comerica "Gears Up" for Rising Rates
Elliott Gue Image Elliott Gue

The US economy is moving from a period of weak economic growth, contained inflation and ultralow and/or falling intere…

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Top Picks 2017: Jones Energy
Elliott Gue Image Elliott Gue

Our Top Pick for aggressive growth is a small-cap oil and gas producer that recently made a transformative acquisition…

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Top Picks 2017: Enlink Midstream Partners
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Our Top Pick for income is an MLP operating in two of the most prolific and economic shale fields in the US -- the Per…

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Trump: Game-Changer for Banks
Elliott Gue Image Elliott Gue

The election of Donald Trump with a GOP majority in Congress is a game changer for the banks. In fact, rarely in finan…

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Tahoe: A Golden Hedge
Elliott Gue Image Elliott Gue

We’re bullish on gold and silver miners with relatively low debt and the potential to grow gold and/or silver pr…

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Enterprise Products: "Unparalleled Assets"
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We continue to recommend this blue-chip master limited partnership; strength in NGL pipelines & services have offs…

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Three Themes in the MLP Sector
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In assessing the current state of the MLP market, Elliott Gue thinks the easy gains have been made and selectivity is …

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Patterson: Vets and Dentists
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Our latest featured stock — a recommendation in our model portfolio — distributes medical equipment, produ…

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