Akhil Lodha

co-founder & CEO,


About Akhil

Akhil Lodha is the co-founder & CEO of StratiFi, a FinTech company that helps advisors and investors make smarter investment decisions by effortlessly identifying, defining and managing investment risk. StratiFi is backed by premier FinTech VCs and Strategic Investors including Anthemis Group, Cboe Capital Markets and Wolverine Holdings. Mr. Lodha has a background in computer science and computation finance from Carnegie Mellon University and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He started his career at Citigroup on the automated options market making desk in New York and later moved out to Silicon Valley to work for Motif Investing. Mr. Lodha saw first-hand how financial technology was having a profound impact on the lives of millions of people and wanted to contribute towards it. He realized that there was a growing need for better risk management technology so he decided to apply what he had learned about startups, FinTech, options and user experience to change that and co-founded StratiFi. At StratiFi, he sets the strategic vision and objectives of the company to execute on their collective mission.

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Stock prices are high, interest rates are rising, and implied volatility is at reasonable levels. Heres a pathway investors can follow, so they navigate the stock market in ways that are commonly used by institutional investors, but not widely understood by others.