Matthew Kerkhoff

Chief Investment Strategist,

Model Investing

About Matthew

Matthew Kerkhoff is the Chief Investment Strategist at Model Investing and the founder of Sigma Point Capital. Matt holds degrees in Management Science and Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, and an MBA from the University of San Diego. His approach to reading markets focuses on understanding the psychology of market participants and anticipating their behavior. Layering an element of behavioral science on top of technical and fundamental analysis allows him unique insight into market direction.

Matthew's Articles

Matt Kerkhoff is a leading expert on general market analysis; his money management research is available through his Model Investing; he also frequently contributes to industry-leading The Aden Forecast, including this recent update on the current state of "Dow Theory".
Over the last decade, no matter what’s going on in the broader economy, the the European Central Bank (ECB) has been saying to the market, “We’re confident that inflation will soon reach our goal of 2%.” Don't believe their forecasts, suggests Matt Kerkhoff, money manager and editor of Sigma Point Capital's Market Analysis.
One factor that I believe is propping up equities is ultra-low interest rates, combined with massively high bond prices (remember that bond prices and yields move inversely). explains Matt Kerkhoff, money manager and editor of Sigma Point Capital's Market Analysis.
When investors are confident in growth prospects, bond yields tend to rise, not fall, explains Matt Kerkhoff — a specialist in market behavior and trend analysis — and founder and chief strategist of Sigma Point Capital.