Pat Dunwoody

Executive Director,

Canadian ETF Association

  • Executive Director at the Canadian ETF Association
  • 35 Years Industry Experience
  • Active Member of CCMA, IFIC, and Fundserv

About Pat

Pat Dunwoody is currently the executive director of the Canadian ETF Association, which was the first ETF Association in the world and only one of two currently. She has spent over 35 years in the financial services industry as a client and relationship-focused executive with an in-depth background in all aspects of the industry. Ms. Dunwoody has been and continues to be an active member on many industry committees including those at CCMA, IFIC, and Fundserv. She is also actively involved in her community as the board chair at Community Living Dufferin and board member at Prosper Canada.

Pat's Videos

After hearing from the ETF experts for two days, Pat Dunwoody will provide an overview of the industry, debunk several of the ETF myths that continue to exist, and share the overall view of the strength and future of the industry. This will confirm that ETFs are the right investment vehicles for your portfolio.
Pat Dunwoody will speak about why ETFs are being considered a new investment option for many investors, even though it is 30 years old, and where the industry is going. She will also try to debunk several of the ETF myths that continue to circulate.