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Author Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of Global Investing, the monthly newsletter for Americans seeking to internationalize their portfolios. She brings unique experience and competences to the business of picking foreign stocks. After graduating from Harvard magna cum laude (and being elected to Phi Beta Kappa), she lived in Europe for 18 years where she worked as a financial journalist. Back in the US again in 1989, she decided that the retail investor managing his or her own investments deserved the kind of information she had been digging up for mutual fund and pension fund managers, so she started Global Investing. Nearly six years ago, Ms. Lewis started Minutewoman.com, an Internet-only newsletter for more sophisticated, risk-tolerant investors able to purchase stocks directly on open foreign markets. She brings to her readers her familiarity with foreign markets, a full rolodex of contacts garnered during 18 years of living abroad, and the ability to speak a half-dozen languages.

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Mercado Libre: Investing in "Amazonia"

Mercado Libre (MELI) of Brazil is our new stock pick, based on research by Crédit Suisse. It is the "Amazonia" version of Amazon (AMZN), asserts Vivian Lewis, international expert and editor of…

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Alliance-Bernstein: Expertise in Global High Yields

For my latest income recommendation, I have picked a very free-ranging fund with experienced managers and a good track record for higher yields, which even in this case do involve higher risk than mor…

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Loonie ETF with Floating Rates

We are adding a new position to our funds, a Canadian ETF investing in loonie-denominated floating rate notes to reduce our exposure to higher interest rates, explains international investing expert V…

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Benitec: Of Mice and Men

Australia-based Benitec Biopharma (BNTC) — a long-standing recommendation in our global portfolio — develops DNA-directed RNA interference cures, says Vivian Lewis, editor of Global Investing. The…

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Input Capital: Streaming for Canola

My latest recommendation is something unique. Input Capital (INPCF) (Toronto: INP), is the world's first and only agricultural streaming finance company, notes international investing expert Global…

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Pure Technology: A Niche in Water

Canada-based Pure Technologies (Toronto: PUR; OTCMKTS: PPEHF) reported bang-up results for 2016 with a warning about regression to the mean. PPEHF, which offers inspection systems for water, sewag…

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Cuba: A Trump Play?

Global expert Vivian Lewis offers a counter-initutative trade on Trump administration policies. Here, the editor of Global Investing looks at a closed-end funds with exposure to Cuba. T…

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Norilsk Nickel: A Putin Play

MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC (NILSY) is our first stock pick based on the Trump administration; it is a metal company run mostly by Russians in Londongrad, notes international investing expert Vivian Le…