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  • Cited on Seeking Alpha, Sure Dividend, ValueWalk, and other Financial Sites

About Prakash

Prakash Kolli is the founder and author of the Dividend Power investment blog. He writes about dividend growth stocks for the long-term small investor seeking to invest in dividend stocks for income and growth. His focus is on undervalued stocks with sustainable dividend growth and capital appreciation potential. His work has appeared on Seeking Alpha, Sure Dividend, ValueWalk, and other financial sites.

Prakash's Articles

My top pick this year for growth-oriented investors is Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). After a series of acquisitions, the firm is a leader in exchanges, fixed-income services, and mortgage solutions. Few other companies can compete in all three, says Prakash Kolli, editor of Dividend Power.
Last year was unfriendly to the utility sector. It had a negative return and was the worst-performing group. Investors chose safer US Treasuries instead of higher-yielding stocks. But in 2024, the sector looks attractive, and Eversource Energy (ES) is my top pick for income-oriented investors, outlines Prakash Kolli, editor of Dividend Power.
Favorable market trends suggest that previously struggling stocks may recover, providing attractive share price appreciation, earnings growth, and dividend yields. Although many dividend stock choices exist, we prefer dividend growth stocks, especially ones with high growth rates. One I like here is Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS), the largest sports and leisure retailer in America, says Prakash Kolli, editor of Dividend Power.
In 2023, investors have fled some sectors and industries because their results are sensitive to inflation and rapidly rising interest rates. They also fear a recession. However, recession has yet to occur, and stocks like Verizon Communications (VZ) remain attractive, writes Prakash Kolli, editor of Dividend Power.

Prakash's Videos

Dividend growth investing is an increasingly popular investing strategy. It is simple and easy to follow. Investors buy a diversified portfolio of stocks that increase their dividends each year. These companies are often successful in returning cash to shareholders. The stocks are held for an extended period, and the dividend is reinvested, leveraging the power of compound growth. Prakash Kolli will discuss why this method succeeds and highlight some undervalued dividend growth stocks today.
Dividend growth investing has increased in popularity over the past decade. The concept is simple. Buy a basket of stocks that raise their dividends annually, reinvest the dividends, and hold for a longer period of time. In this discussion, Prakash Kolli covers the advantages and risks of dividend growth investing. Stocks that have grown their dividend for decades are few-in-number but include some very well-known ones. He will discuss the Dividend Kings, which have raised the dividend for 50+ years, and the Dividend Champions, which have raised the dividend for 25+ years. Mr. Kolli considers what it takes for a stock to achieve this status.

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