Punit Dhillon

CEO and Chair,

Skye Bioscience

About Punit

Punit Dhillon, CEO and chair of Skye Bioscience, is a biotech executive and previous co-founder, CEO, and director of OncoSec Medical, Inc., a leading biopharmaceutical company developing cancer immunotherapies to treat solid tumors. During his tenure at OncoSec, he oversaw and completed a partnership with Merck to launch Keynote 695, a Phase 2/3 global multi-center registration clinical study of late-stage metastatic melanoma raised over $200 million. Since moving on from this role, he has worked in various management capacities and helped to raise $500M for several companies, working together to reach essential milestones.

Punit's Videos

Skye Bioscience is working to solve the world's leading cause of irreversible blindness, applying advanced science to unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and create important new pharmaceutical medicines. Preclinical data suggest that Skye Bioscience may have advantages over leading commercially available drugs, including a mechanism to protect against vision loss that no other drugs on the market can claim. New insights from key near-term catalysts are expected to be impactful in delineating the therapeutic and commercial potential of Skye's lead drug.