Sean Feeney

Head of Options Markets, Nasdaq North American Transaction Servic,


About Sean

Sean Feeney joined Nasdaq in 2016 and is responsible for the business management of Nasdaq's US Options Exchanges. Prior to joining Nasdaq, Mr. Feeney served as portfolio manager at Forty Four Asset Management, global head of trading and strategy at GBOX Trading, vice president of US Options at Knight Capital Group, and options specialist at AGS Specialists, LLC. He studied applied math and statistics at Stony Brook University.

Sean's Videos

Sean Feeney & Kevin Davitt discuss the outlook for 2023, options market structure, the rise of 0 DTE trading, and much more.

As technology has permeated nearly every industry and company in the world, the Nasdaq-100 has performed brilliantly. Not just tech based, the Nasdaq-100 is comprised of the 100 largest companies listed on Nasdaq, excluding those classified as financials. Join us as we explore the Nasdaq-100 Index, its fundamental performance and how you can gain exposure to one of the best performing major broad based indexes in the US over the past decade.