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Al Brooks is a technical analysis contributor to Modern Trader magazine. He has been coined the trader's trader. Dr. Brooks is the author of several books on price action, his latest being, Trading Price Action, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012), Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009). He provides a live e-mini price action analysis in his trading room and free end-of-day analysis at www.brookspriceaction.com.

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Emini Probably at Least One More Small New High

The bulls will keep buying until they see a sign that the bears are strong. The odds favor at least slightly higher prices. The 2500 Big Round Number is a magnet, asserts Al Brooks in his weekly Trade…

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Emini Update: Strong Breakout, but Limited Upside

Once a channel evolves into a trading range, both the bulls and bears have setups for swing trades. The bulls and bears are balanced, and each has logical reasons to take swing trades, asserts Al Br…

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Emini Has Increasing Selling Pressure

The weekly and monthly charts are strongly bullish. The odds are that bulls will buy a 2- to 3-month selloff that will probably lead to at least one more attempt at a new high, asserts Al Brooks in…

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Summer Swoon: 100 Point 5% S&P500 Market Correction

While the bulls might get one more minor new high, the odds are that the bears will begin a swing down. Consequently, the odds favor a 2 to 3-month pullback beginning soon, asserts Al Brooks in hi…

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Emini Limited New High This Week

While a news event often causes an initial breakout that leads to a big move, it is usually the result of technical factors. For example, the stock market usually has to go too far to know if it ha…

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Emini Bull Leg in Big Trading Range: June 10 Weekend Update

The odds are that the Emini will follow the same path down to the bottom of its final bull flag over the next several months, asserts Al Brooks, MD, in his weekend Emini update. Monthly…

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Growing Emini Buy Climax, but No Trend Reversal Yet

Both Amazon (AMZN) and Alphabet (GOOGL) can pull back at any time. That would probably come with a pullback in the Emini as well, asserts Al Brooks, MD, in his weekend Emini update. Th…

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Trump, Russia, Comey, Mueller and an Emini Buy Climax

When a market is in a tight trading range, even if it is sloped down, expert traders make more money by buying low, selling high, using limited entry orders, and scalping, asserts Al Brooks,&n…