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Eric Bradley

Editor and Content Director

Antique Trader


Eric Bradley is editor and content director of Antique Trader magazine and author of a number of books, including America's #1 selling guide to the antiques and collectibles market. Previously, he managed one of the East Coast's largest antiques and collectibles tradeshows, hosting more than 1,200 exhibitors and 10,000 collectors. Mr. Bradley has been involved in the antiques trade for more than 15 years, bringing a 21st century approach to more than 200 years worth of art and antiques. An award-winning investigative journalist, his specialty is introducing auctioneers and event managers to emerging technologies. In addition to writing hundreds of articles on antiques and collectibles, Mr. Bradley has made several radio appearances as an expert on the antiques market and his work has received press from the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He has a Bachelor's degree in economics, with a concentration on entrepreneurship.