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The ABCs of Money

  • Co-Creator of the Earth Gratitude Project
  • Penned and Published 3 Amazon Bestsellers Including The ABCs of Money
  • Ranked #1 Stock Picker Over 835 A-List Pundits by

About Natalie

Natalie Pace is the co-creator of the Earth Gratitude project and the author of the Amazon bestsellers The Power of 8 Billion: It's Up to Us, The ABCs of Money (5th edition) and more. She has been ranked as a No. 1 stock picker, above over 835 A-list pundits, by an independent tracking agency (TipsTraders). Ms. Pace's easy-as-a-pie-chart nest egg strategies are enthusiastically recommended by Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary S. Becker, former TD AMERITRADE chairman and CEO Joe Moglia, and over 120,000 people who have transformed their lives and relationship with investing and money, as a result of attending her retreats and reading her books.

Natalie's Videos

Why some bank and industrial stocks have plunged lower than the general marketplace, and what you need to know for the coming year to better protect and diversify your portfolio. Boeing is down 45%, Citi is down 36%.

Recession warnings abound, yet the Feds are determined to raise interest rates fast.
What's your best defense when the traditional assets of safety are vulnerable?

US copper companies are trading at all-time highs. However, the world's largest producing countries are still bargains. Nickel prices soared on Russian boycotts, does this bode well for the world's largest nickel producer? Learn some potentially overlooked, and undervalued, opportunities.

How do stocks perform during wartime events? Should you be getting defensive or buying into oil, gas, and tanks?

Natalie's Books

Natalie Pace

The ABCs of Money

Learn the ABCs of Money that we all should have received in high school in budgeting, investing, debt reduction and more.
Natalie Pace

The ABCs of Money for College

The ABCs of Money for College: College Success Without Student Loan Distress is the ultimate college guide.
Natalie Pace

You vs. Wall Street

You vs. Wall Street offers a sensible, easy-to-follow, yet powerful set of investing strategies for any would-be investor—from the complete novice to those with investing experience.