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Sherri Parker


UnDiscovered Stocks


Sherri Parker's 17 years of experience picking the hottest stocks on Wall Street-both as a portfolio analyst and money manager for major clients-have made her wise to the ways of Wall Street and well worth listening to. She has a giga-watt intellect, laser-sharp focus, tremendous attention to minute detail, and a penchant for doing the gritty investigative work other analysts are too busy-or too lazy-for. Together, these qualities have made her one of today's most successful high-tech stock pickers. Prior to joining The Weiss Group (publishers of UnDiscovered Stocks), she worked at several major investment firms, including Shearson Lehman and E.F. Hutton, where she performed portfolio analysis, planned investment strategies, and executed trades. Ms. Parker joined Weiss as vice president of Weiss Money Management where she performed portfolio management and acted as an investment advisor to the Weiss Treasury Funds. Under her direction, growth in assets under management doubled in one year from $70 million to over $145 million and eventually grew to over $250 million. She also introduced the Weiss Money Management Balanced Growth Portfolio and Weiss Treasury Only Money Fund. Ms. Parker has a BA from Southwest Texas State University and has her Series 7 and 24 brokerage licenses. She is active in various industry organizations and is an arbitrator for NASD.