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Michael Kahn

Senior Market Analyst,

Lowry Research, A CFRA business

  • Senior Market Analyst at Lowry Research Corporation
  • 30 Years Experience as Analyst, Writer, Educator, and Product Manager
  • Previously with Barron's

About Michael

Michael Kahn, CMT, is a Senior Market Analyst at Lowry Research, a CFRA business with over 30 years of professional experience as an analyst, writer, educator, and product manager. He is active in the CMT Association as a former member of the Board of Directors, editor of the association newsletter, and chair or member of several committees. Before joining Lowry, Mr. Kahn wrote a twice-weekly column on Technical Analysis for Barron's and regular articles for MarketWatch, Kiplinger, and many others. Mr. Kahn researched and edited his own daily market letter and contributed to a weekly options webinar with Ally Invest. Before that, he was Chief Market Technician at BridgeNews.

Michael's Videos

It is always a good idea to look back on the start of the year to assess how we got to where we are and where we might go from here. Using Lowry’s Supply and Demand analysis, we will examine the balance between Buying Power and Selling Pressure, supported by the full body of technical evidence, to chart our way into the second half. 

Join Michael in this webinar where he will start with what Lowry Research does and how it works. Michael will then go into the current market condition.