Rob Colville, aka The Lazy Trader, is a London-based trader and mentor whose proven, end-of-day strategies for forex, stocks, indices, and commodities require as little as ten minutes a day and are ideal for time-strapped and/or part-time traders. Having mentored thousands of traders in the UK, South Africa, Asia, Australia, and the US, he aims to provide transparent and readily accessible education and trade signals for new traders, and even experienced ones looking for an easier and more simplistic approach to the markets. Mr. Colville publishes regular market commentary and trade ideas on his Web site, TheLazyTrader.com, and is a frequent contributor to FX Trader Magazine, Your Trading Edge, FXStreet, Trader Mag, and other well-known media outlets.

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Find the ‘Sweet Spot’—When Do You Trade Your Best?
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Do You Know a Great Trade When You See It?
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