Christian DeHaemer is the investment director of Crisis and Opportunity. His Crisis & Opportunity portfolio is up 59% while the S&P 500 is up 5%. For 15 of the last 16 years, Mr. DeHaemer's portfolio has beaten every major market index. In 2012, he beat the Dow Industrials by 142%, and he is a natural contrarian investor with charting skills which keeps your money in play and ensures rapid profits. Over the years, Mr. DeHaemer has traveled to Cuba, Egypt, India, Kenya, and Mongolia, among other frontier markets, in search of ridiculously low values and massive upside.

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Top Picks for Energy Gains
Christian DeHaemer Image Christian DeHaemer

The deal with oil is that it is cyclical. When it bounces back, the first thing investors buy is the deep value plays …

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The Peter Lynch Approach
Christian DeHaemer Image Christian DeHaemer

In the 1993 movie Philadelphia, a trial attorney asks his clients to explain his situation “as if I were a six-y…

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Who Wins from Falling Oil?
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WTI crude recently hit a two-year low just above $92 a barrel. Brent was at $98 per barrel, down from $114 last year, o…

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