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Stefanie Kammerman


Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The


Stefanie Kammerman has a uniquely diverse background in the trading industry. Ms. Kammerman is also the author of Dark Pool Secrets seen on Fox Business News and CNBC. Her vast experience in the trade industry has earned her recognition, and the nickname "The Stock Whisperer." She is recognized for spotting the last 12 corrections long before they happened. Currently, Ms. Kammerman teaches new and veteran traders the ways of day trading and swing trading through her online trading room, The Java Pit. Additionally, she produces free video tutorials for anyone interested in learning more about day trading and swing trading. Her videos have helped thousands of traders improve their portfolios by using the simple tips and techniques outlined in each video. The videos have achieved over a 93% success rate for her viewers. Ms. Kammerman has become a highly sought-after public speaker and trading coach. She has delivered powerful speeches at countless trade shows, expos, and webinars across the country and has also toured across Canada for 3 years with Larry Berman ETF Capital management (Portfolio manager and Host of Berman's call BNN TV). In addition to her extensive experience in the trade industry, in 2003 Ms. Kammerman became an established singer/songwriter with BMI, having written over 100 songs in less than a decade, several of which have been produced on well-known television shows such as America's Got Talent and American Idol. Her unique way of looking at the world around her has helped her become such a major success in the trading industry, and her passion for helping others is the driving force behind her e-courses and the founding of The Java Pit, an online educational trading room.

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