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Joe Rokop

Managing Director of Commodities and Equities,

Simpler Trading

  • Founder of the Volume Breakout System Class at Simpler Trading
  • Successful Trader for 15 Years

About Joe

As the managing director of commodities and equities, Joe Rokop is one of the senior content providers at Simpler Trading. He started his trading journey on the NYMEX trading floor and has since grown into a commodities and equities trader and futures specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the commercial and proprietary sectors. Mr. Rokop constructs, manages, and executes trading strategies through a broad portfolio with short and long-term trading opportunities based on micro and macro fundamentals, paired with proprietary technical indicators.

Joe's Videos

It’s LIVE trading time! Join Simpler Trading's TG Wakins, Joe Rokop, and Allison Ostrander as they battle the markets at the March 2024 virtual MoneyShow. Watch as this panel of all-stars identifies possible trade ideas and places their bets. Walk away with lessons you can apply to your own trading account in the future.  

Joe Rokop will be using his crude VWAP chart to explain the advantages of using a trade-based candlestick vs. a time-based candlestick. The crude VWAP chart can more accurately analyze the effect of the volume being traded in the market by looking inside a typical 5- or 30-minute bar chart. He can then determine how said volume can affect price action and momentum, giving you a distinct advantage over other retail traders. Mr. Rokop will pair this candlestick chart with other indicators such as exponential moving averages, commodity channel index, and more, showing traders how to catch both short- and medium-term price gains in this ever-changing marketplace.