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Liz Dierking



Liz Dierking, co-host of The LIZ & JNY Show, spent 11 years on the CBOE floor making markets. During this time, she also acted as a designated primary market maker, floor broker, and floor official. Ms. Dierking also represented her firm on the Market Performance Committee before joining the tastytrade Financial Network. Prior to trading in the pits, she also held a position as a Chicago Board of Trade market regulator. After leaving the trading floor in 2010, Ms. Dierking picked up improvisational comedy as a hobby. She took classes at Chicago's Second City School of Improvisation where she learned to merge her passion for finance with comedy and entertainment. In 2011, Ms. Dierking signed on to co-host The LIZ & JNY Show with Jenny Andrews. As co-host, she turns trading--what on the surface appears to be an intimidating endeavor--into one that is fun, easy, and accessible. Ms. Dierking teaches strategies that give viewers an increased probability of success with a decreased capital requirement. The LIZ & JNY Show airs live Monday through Friday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT at www.tastytrade.com.