Bahram Yusefzadeh

Founder and CEO,

Zayda Technologies

About Bahram

Bahram Yusefzadeh is the founder, executive chairman, and CEO of Zayda Technologies. He is a visionary and technology pioneer with over 50 years of experience in the banking, healthcare, and cybersecurities sectors. Mr. Yusefzadeh has a successful track record of identifying, building, managing, and leading disruptive technology companies, along with extensive experience with IPOs and exits.

Bahram's Videos

There are over 3000+ cybersecurity vendors, with billions in market cap, billions in revenue, and billions of capital invested. Despite all this, we still have devastating breaches every day. Learn more about the new paradigm in cyber security in this in-depth webinar with Bahram Yusefzadeh of Zayda Technologies.