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About Avi

Avi Gilburt is an Elliott Wave market analyst and author of, a live trading room featuring analysis by him and a dynamic community of professional traders. Mr. Gilburt's Elliott Wave analysis appears frequently on sites such as, MarketWatch, Forbes, and Seeking Alpha.

Avi's Articles

Last week was quite a week indeed. With one of the largest individual day rallies seen in market history, almost everyone assumes that it was "caused" by the CPI news, explains Avi Gilburt of
Over the last few months, we have written several articles outlining our views of banks in general, explains Avi Gilburt of
We had a very interesting week this past week, explains Avi Gilburt of
I know that many of you trade “correlations.” So, for those that do not already know my perspective on it, allow me to repost something I wrote some time ago, recalls Avi Gilburt of

Avi's Videos

A panel discussion led by Avi Gilburt, with Garrett Patten and Ryan Wilday, regarding how the equity, metals, bond, and crypto markets are setting up for 2023.

Beaten-down markets are now presenting long opportunities, and Mike and Avi will discuss the wave counts on the SPY, Q's, and VIX to identify more specifically where they're headed and levels to watch.
Avi Gilburt and Garrett Patten from ElliottWaveTrader identify the key sectors and select stocks that could benefit from the market's bounce off its recent bottom, while also discussing the generational top forming in the bigger picture on their charts.
Will recession put Bitcoin under pressure along with other risk assets? Or is Bitcoin as a store value exactly what we need? Ryan discusses where he sees Bitcoin going over the next year or so.