Axel Merk

President and Chief Investment Officer,

Merk Investments, LLC

About Axel

Axel Merk is the president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments and manager of the Merk Funds. He is a recognized expert on the global economy, monetary policy, and international investing. An authority on currencies, Mr. Merk is a pioneer in the use of strategic currency investing to seek diversification and has been named the "Currency Guru" by Morningstar. He is a regular guest on CNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg. Mr. Merk's columns and interviews frequently appear in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and other financial media around the world. He is a sought after expert speaker at industry conferences, universities, government organizations, and think tanks on topics ranging from the economy, gold and currencies, to sustainable wealth and personal finance. Mr. Merk's book, Sustainable Wealth, was published by Wiley in 2009 and his newsletter, Merk Insights, reaches a wide audience of investors and analysts following global macroeconomic issues and their implications to investing. Mr. Merk manages the Merk Hard and Asian Currency Funds and co-manages the Merk Absolute Return Currency Fund and the Merk Currency Enhanced US Equity Fund. He holds a BA in economics, magna cum laude, and an MSc in computer science from Brown University.

Axel's Articles

When it comes to your investment portfolio, do you ignore the noise coming out of the White House? Do tariffs matter? Or would it be more prudent to chill and focus on other potential drivers of the markets? asks Axel Merk, money manager at Merk Investments and editor of Merk Insights.
“Don’t panic, buy the dip, who cares?” or “These are rumblings of an earthquake, people will be hurt like in 1929” — which one is it? I would call it a wake-up call, cautions money manager Axel Merk of Merk Investments in Merk Insights.
How can individuals invest like a well-run endowment fund? Last week, we featured Axel Merk's overview of constructing a portfolio in an era of increasingly-correlated assets prices. Here, the money manager and of editor of Merk Investments' newsletter, Insights, continues to share his insights on long-term asset allocation.
With increased risk of a flash crash, investors may want to allocate their portfolios like well-run endowments, with the largest portion in hedged strategies, asserts Axel Merk, of Merk Investments. First of two parts.