Mike Dever

Founder and CEO,

Brandywine Asset Management, Inc.

About Mike

Michael Dever is the founder and CEO of Brandywine Asset Management and author of the best-selling book Jackass Investing: Don't do it. Profit from it. In the book Mr. Dever introduces the concept of Return Drivers, which frees investors from the constraints of asset classes and enables them to create truly diversified portfolios. Mr. Dever has also been a featured subject of three books, Bulls, Bears and Millionaires, Market Beaters, and The Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds.

Mike's Articles

Mike Dever of Brandywine Asset Management, discusses the importance of having a truly diversified portfolio.
Mike Dever of Brandywine Asset Management, discusses three investing myths highlighted in his book, entitled Jackass Investing.
Mike Dever of Brandywine Asset Management, discusses the differences between earnings growth and sentiment in the short and long term.

Mike's Videos

Conventional investment wisdom states that you can only get greater returns by taking on greater risk. This is false. Reduced risk can lead to increased returns, simply because recoveries are able to start from much higher levels. In this session with Mike Dever, you'll learn how.

Risk Replacement is an innovation that enables investors to capture the upside potential of holding a high-performing asset—such as Nasdaq stocks—but replace that high-risk with the lower risk associated with a more conservative portfolio.

Some benefits are:

  • The ability to stay fully invested in stocks and-without engaging in unpredictable market timing-avoid substantial bear markets.
  • Increase portfolio returns above those achieved by buy-and-hold, while also reducing risk.

This keynote talk not only introduces the concept of Risk Replacement but then also shows a specific way it can be used by accredited investors.

In the book Jackass Investing: Don't Do it. Profit From It, Michael Dever defines the 20 myths of investing and shows you that there really is a free lunch. Learn how his return driver methodology can help you build a portfolio that produces both greater returns and lower risk.