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EVIO Labs' co-founder, Mr. Waldrop serves as the CEO for EVIO Inc. Mr. Waldrop founded the company in 2014, and in 2015 led the acquisition of the company's first analytical laboratory facility in Bend, Oregon. He has since grown the company to nine labs and is the driving force behind the nationwide rollout of EVIO Labs. Previously, Mr. Waldrop served as chairman of the Board and CEO of Vision Direct Marketing, and as president and COO of College Partnership. As vice president of operations for Leading Edge Broadband, he oversaw the design and roll-out of a global telecommunications sales and outreach network. Mr. Waldrop received a BS from California State University - Long Beach and an MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California.

William's Videos

The cannabis industry continues to be one of the hottest place for investors. From Canada to California, recreational marijuana is becoming a significant opportunity as well as a major catalyst for companies levered to it. During this panel, you will learn about several companies levered to this burgeoning opportunity and you do not want to miss this engaging discussion.

Join William Waldrop for this session to discuss the growing need and demand for cannabis testing, the new regulations and standards, and introduction to EVIO Labs and how they are positioned to be largest leading provider of cannabis testing and scientific research for the regulated cannabis industry.