David Armstrong

Portfolio Manager and Head of the ETF Think Tank,

Toroso Investments

  • Former Portfolio Manager at Cedar Capital, LLC.

About David

David Armstrong is a portfolio manager and head of the ETF Think Tank at Toroso Investments. Prior to Toroso, he was a portfolio manager at Cedar Capital, LLC, where he provided portfolio optimization services to advisors using a multi-asset portfolio framework to enhance the risk and return characteristics of their existing models. Mr. Armstrong led national accounts, as well as due diligence initiatives with Investment firm research teams. He was also responsible for the firm's activities with the fund administrator and the fund trust board. In this capacity Mr. Armstrong launched seven 40 Act funds and led a fund adoption.

David's Videos

The ETF Think Tank's insights provide perspective-and context-for investors that want to understand what's in their portfolio, and why. Join Michael Venuto, founder and CIO of the ETF Think Tank, and portfolio managers Dan Weiskopf and David Armstrong as they discuss what has been most relevant at this Virtual Expo, why structure matters when you invest, and how advisors are adapting to the changing investor markets.
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