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  • Publisher of Accredited IQ Magazine
  • CEO of and publisher of Self-Directed Investor Magazine
  • Host of SDI TV

About Bryan

Bryan Ellis is the publisher of Accredited IQ Magazine and Self-Directed Investor Magazine. He is regarded by many as America's most trusted source for elite investment opportunities for high-net-worth investors.

Bryan's Videos

What psychological manipulations are used to persuade you to invest your capital into an unknown opportunity? Will those techniques be effective on you? Do you think you're too smart to fall prey to these manipulations? Join Bryan Ellis, publisher of Accredited IQ Magazine, as he reveals the shocking truth about how investors—including very smart ones like you—are routinely the victims of very sophisticated persuasion and psychological manipulation techniques that are designed to separate you from your money. You'll see these techniques demonstrated in a safe environment so you can know what to watch for, and how to protect yourself against one of the greatest risks to your portfolio: Psychological misinformation.
Why are even conservative investors pouring into this new type of oil investment? The clear BOOM in the oil market is undeniable and—for obvious market reasons—will continue for a long time to come. Yet, oil is historically and correctly considered to be a high-risk asset class. Join this special presentation as Bryan Ellis, publisher of Accredited IQ Magazine, reveals why savvy oil veterans along with truly conservative "new" oil investors are flooding into a special type of oil income opportunity (called "Proven Zone Re-Entry") that offers shocking income, astonishing tax benefits and, even better: 100% elimination of the risk of a "dry hole"!
Private placements are among the very best investment opportunities today, exposing investors to opportunities and risks that are very different from publicly traded securities. In this presentation, highly regarded financial pitchman, Bryan Ellis, reveals how to know whether investors should take a private placement seriously or to avoid it like the plague. You'll learn how to know if the sponsor is really committed, how disclosure is different in private versus public offerings, and why preferred returns are more favorable to sponsors than investors. Join us for this eye-opening presentation!
2020 has been a shocking, confusing, tragic, and destabilizing year in more ways than any of us care to remember. If you turn on the evening news, you see a world you no longer recognize. Yet these are the times in which truly savvy investors thrive and make multi-generational advances in wealth in a very short period of time. The question is: How do they do it? In this brief exposé, top investment "pitchman," Bryan Ellis, will reveal a specific strategy that he sees many of his savviest clients using right now, which is creating tremendous cash flow—and tremendous financial security—for them during these most uncertain times.