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Corrado De Gasperis

Executive Chairman and CEO,

Comstock Inc.

About Corrado

Corrado De Gasperis brings over 35 years of industrial, systems-based material-science, metals, mining, manufacturing, recycling, and capital markets management and governance experience. He is currently the executive chairman and CEO of Comstock Inc., and chairman of Quantum Generative Materials.

Corrado's Videos

Ironically, exploration and development still rely on conventional methods of drilling for discovery, with high capital, long lead times, and low probabilities. Learn how Comstock's investments in hyperspectral imaging, digital twinning, and quantum sensing developments are poised for the transformation of terrestrial exploration, discovery, and mining.
Precious metals prices are on the rise again, taking mining stocks along for the ride. Meanwhile, concerns about energy security, scarcity, and production sustainability remain as severe as ever. That backdrop creates enticing profit opportunities for investors in the commodities and metals sector. In this panel, three companies will tell you THEIR stories—and how they can help you capitalize.