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Dana Samuelson


American Gold Exchange, Inc.

  • President of American Gold Exchange
  • Founded AGE in 1998
  • 40 Years Experience Trading Precious Metals and Rare US Gold & Silver Coins

About Dana

Dana Samuelson, president of American Gold Exchange (AGE), has 44 years in the industry. Mr. Samuelson enjoys an impeccable national reputation for honesty and integrity with his peers and his clients. He has flawlessly overseen transactions approaching $2 billion and he’s looking forward to his next $2 billion. Mr. Samuelson has been a professional numismatist since 1980 and worked for some of the most influential precious metals trading companies in the nation, including 10 years with the original gold bug and industry legend James U. Blanchard III, before founding AGE in 1998. He served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) for twelve years and became president of PNG in 2016. In 2020, and again today, Mr. Samuelson works with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in their quest to end the allegedly fraudulent business practices of two precious metals sellers to elderly IRA investors.

Dana's Articles

(Sponsored Content) When gold runs, silver typically lags for a period. But when silver plays catch up, it tends to do so with a vengeance. This lag, which can unwind like a coiled spring, is creating a tremendous value and upside opportunity for patient silver investors today, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
(Sponsored Content) Consolidating Thursday's 1.8% surge, New York spot gold inched down $1 to finish last week at $2,414 as cooling inflation and softer US economic data cemented rate-cut expectations, stoking risk appetite at the expense of safe havens. The metal gained 1.1% for the week, its second straight weekly rise. Silver fell 1.6% for the day and week, closing at $30.89 an ounce, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
(Sponsored Content) I am extremely excited to offer an outstanding opportunity for gold investors. $20 Liberty gold coins in Mint State 64 grade are trading today at their lowest premium ever! With our special offer of $50 off per coin, they occupy the "sweet spot" for value in the current market and should not be passed up, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
(Sponsored Content) New York spot gold surged 1.4% to close above $2,331 last Friday as more evidence of cooling inflation boosted rate cut hopes, pressuring Treasury yields and lifting alternative assets. The metal rose 1.4% for the week for its first weekly advance in a month. Silver picked up 1.4% Friday to finish at $29.40, but ended the week down 5.9%, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.

Dana's Videos

With 44 years of gold market experience, American Gold Exchange President Dana Samuelson has pretty much seen it all regarding gold, until now. With gold hitting new, record highs in April Dana will explain what new factors have driven gold to its recent peak, and why higher highs are still likely. The fundamentals driving the god price are entrenched and rock solid and now they are being turbo charged by recent, new external factors. Dana will down on both the old and the new gold price drivers in this mid-year gold market update.  

Dana Samuelson will explain why the US economy is on the edge of a true recession, and potentially a severe one. Leading economic indicators have been weakening for several months and the future looks worse. Equity values may be especially vulnerable when you consider todays value metrics against every previous major economic turning point. Meanwhile gold has already rallied from cyclical lows but remains undervalued relative to the value of the US dollar, our debt, the global economy, and global inflation.
Inflation has peaked—for now—but it looks unlikely to ever drop as low as the Fed's target level, yet the central bank has apparently done everything it can do without breaking the markets, the financial system and the economy. What are the investments that can beat inflation over the long term, especially with a powerless Fed? Our panel will provide strategies and specific picks.

In this presentation, Dana Samuelson will explain how inflation has trapped the Fed into committing yet another policy error, one that will continue to reverberate in currency markets worldwide, which in turn has put gold and silver temporarily on sale. He'll also comment on why equities markets remain extremely vulnerable to further declines, and how gold offers safe haven in what could be six of the most turbulent economic months ahead of us all.

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