Joe Burgoyne

Director of Institutional and Retail Marketing,

The Options Industry Council

  • Director of Institutional and Retail Marketing for the Options Industry Council
  • 30 Years Industry Experience
  • Previous Managing Director of Burgoyne Capital Management LLC

About Joe

Joseph Burgoyne, III, is the director of institutional and retail marketing for The Options Industry Council (OIC), and as such, he supports the institutional, retail, and university educational programs. He also serves as a staff instructor for The Options Industry Council. Mr. Burgoyne has spent over 30 years in the financial industry. Prior to joining the OIC, he served as director of business development for Ivolatility, where he led the formation of strategic partnerships, sales, and marketing campaigns. Previously, Mr. Burgoyne was managing director of Burgoyne Capital Management, LLC, responsible for all trading and risk management decisions.

Joe's Articles

A call option is one of two types of options, the other being a put. When an investor buys a call option, they have the right to purchase the security (such as a stock or ETF) upon which the option is based at its strike price, up until the time the option expires
A put option is one of the two types of options, with the other being call options.
Join OIC host Joe Burgoyne and long-time OIC instructor, Bill Ryan as they discuss the short put and other bullish strategies that might be more challenging to implement in a volatile market.
Jermal Chandler, an instructor at Cboe Options Institute discusses his unique journey from chemist to trader. Then, he and host Joe Burgoyne will help to break down Ratio Spreads, Front Spreads and Backspreads. Later in the show, Joe will answer your listener questions.

Joe's Videos

Joe Burgoyne talks about a basic approach to options. Reach out to the Options Industry Council and other websites to learn various options trading methods.
As technology has permeated nearly every industry and company in the world, the Nasdaq-100 has performed brilliantly. Not just tech based, the Nasdaq-100 is comprised of the 100 largest companies listed on Nasdaq, excluding those classified as financials. Join Dan Carrigan as he explores the Nasdaq-100 Index, its fundamental performance, and how you can gain exposure to one of the best-performing major broad-based indexes in the US over the past decade.

Many investors understand what to do in bullish and bearish market situations, but what about when stocks, ETFs, or indexes are trading in a narrow range? That's when options may be the difference. After all, they offer an array of opportunities for these situations. Join OIC for a session that reveals in detail, three limited-risk options strategies for sideways markets.

Taking an options position can sometimes prove to be the easiest part of the trade process. But what happens next? How do you adjust your position when your opinion changes on the underlying or when things change in the market? Our Options Industry Council instructors will walk you through multiple call-and-put strategy-adjustment scenarios along with their associated profit and loss prospects.