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Andrew Pancholi is a world-renowned trading expert specializing in market timing. With over 30 years of experience in navigating the financial markets, he is the creator of the highly acclaimed Market Timing Report. Mr. Pancholi gained his expertise by the lifelong study and development of the strategies and theories created by some of the trading industries' greatest names such as W D Gann, Edward Dewey, and Ralph Elliot (Elliot Wave). He is a renowned author, co-authoring W.D.Gann's Unpublished Coffee Course and the Number 1 bestselling book Zero Hour.

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Contrary to popular beliefs, all markets can be timed—Join this presentation to see for yourself! Understanding and harnessing market timing gives traders and investors a distinct edge. Amongst many benefits, it takes the guesswork out and also helps enhance risk reward ratios. By the end of this presentation with Andrew Pancholi, you will not only know the key cycles that repeat within the financial markets, but you will also be able to successfully apply them to your own trading and investing systems.

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